Growing up in ‘Old England’, I became passionate about being outside at a very young age. Carrying a camera to capture the majesty and tranquility of the outdoors has always felt like a natural extension to being there.

In a lifetime of travel, few places have captivated me like New England, and especially Essex County in Massachusetts, which I now call home. From the incredible diversity offered by its glacial hills and valleys, coastal dunes and marshes, woodlands and cities to its dynamic and unpredictable weather; Essex County – like New England – is a place of invariable beauty.

Documenting this natural and historic splendor is a delight and an obsession. But it is also a mission. Like so many places on this planet, this beautiful corner of New England is in need of protection and conservation. I hope that viewing my photographs gives you the same enjoyment I experience when creating them, and serves as a reminder that we have so much to appreciate and protect – for ourselves and future generations.

Thank You.

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